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Gregor Khuen Belasi


.I was born in 1961 in northern Italy. In 1984 I studied photography at the stately academy in Munich "Staatliche Fachakademie für Fotodesign München"
After my studies I worked as an Assistant Photographer in Milan. Here I could gain enough experience to found my own photo studio in 1988 situated in Bolzano (Italy). In 1990 I followed the urge to unfold my creativity by gathering new impressions in New York City. In subsequent years I travelled around to enable myself a broader perspective on everyday objects, situations and especially people. I've dedicated myself not only to be a professional photographer but also to mate photography with my daily life as a part of my mental equilibrium.

The fascination with photographic pictures lies within the adherence of a moment, frozen in the power of expression.

Collaboration with:

Different advertising agencies:

Oggilvy and Mather
Heye & Partner
Mc. Can Erickson

Stefano Babic (Photographer) Milan
photo assistant, fashion show Roberto Capucci

Janusz Kaminzki (Cameraman) Vienna, Budapest, Barcelona

Atilio Capra (fashion Photographer) Milan


MC Donald's Austria * Guess Jeans USA * Thun® * Progress * Südtirol Fenster * SEL AG * Longo Group * SELVA AG * Weine Alois Lageder * Bamboo lingerie Co. Ltd. USA * E.F.S. Group & Partners Professional Search Austria * Meridiana Convention Bureau Alto-Adige * Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna * Humanic shoes Vienna * Nuova Era records CD covers for Aldo Ciccolini * Käthe Kruse dolls Germany * Käthe Kruse clothing for girls Germany * America International School Austria * Paolo Gi fashion designer Italy * Advertising for Gore-Tex Italy * Placard for the election campaign in South Tyrol Italy * Advertising for shower gel Cielo Alto Italy * Metall Meier Italy * Wood-sculptor Wilhelm Senoner Italy * German Real estate agency Spain * Mirkos Food-Group Swiss* Athesia Gruppe* Original Lusi Trenker fashion* Kellerei Tramin* Kellerei Girlan* Weingut Castel Sallegg* Landesweingut Laimburg * Tirolensis ars vini* Tenuta Kornell Brigl* Eurotherm SPA * Vereinigte Bühnen Bozen *


1986 community exhibition Fachakademie für Fotodesign Munich
1989 single exhibition Galerie Alte Mühle Zurich
2002 community exhibition Dachlandschaften Bezirksgemeinschaft Egna
2003 Single exhibition Ansitze in Appiano Stfftung Amon
2005 community exhibition Seno guerriero l´immagine della donna in armi Bondeno Ferrara Galleria dárte Moderna e contemporanea
2005 Body Union Gallerie Schloss Kallmünz Merano
2006 community exhibition Dachau Wasserturm Ein Modell und 5 Künstler
2006 community exhibition Professional photographer South Tirol